"God Is Still Blessing Me"

Recorded Live

The Anointed Voices of Praise has many gifted musicians, directors and singers in its body, and this recording will prove to be powerful and electrifying to all of its listeners.
The guest musician featured is the renowned Bishop, Rev. Andre S. Woods, a talented and anointed musician and preacher. He is noted for songs such as "I Feel Like Going On" and "Faith That Conquers."
Another talented writer featured is Brother Walter E.L. Scrutchings, who is noted for his musicianship across the world. He is affiliated with the Gospel Music Workshop of America, which was founded by the late Rev. James Cleveland.
Soloists featured on the recording are: Guest Artist Ms. Charlotte Wade, Ms. Yolanda Carter, Ms. Marion Roberts, Mrs. LaVetta Smith, Mr. Walter E.L. Scrutchings, Bishop Andre Woods of Detroit, MI and Mr. Raymond W. Hinton, Director and Founder. The directors featured are: Mr. Derrick L. Harper and Mr. Richard Brown.
The selections include:
"God Is Still Blessing Me," writer/soloist: Raymond W. Hinton, director: Richard L. Brown
"I'm Working For The Master," writer/soloist: Raymond W. Hinton, director: Walter E.L. Scrutchings
"The Lord Wants To Bless Your Soul," writer: Bishop Andre S. Woods, soloists: Yolanda Carter and Bishop Andre S. Woods, director: Walter E.L. Scrutchings
"God Knows All About It," writer/soloist: Walter E.L. Scrutchings, director: Richard L. Brown
"I Found Christ In Time," writer/director: Derrick L. Harper, soloist: Marion Roberts
"He Promise," writer: Raymond W. Hinton, director: Richard L. Brown
"God Is Able," writer: Walter E.L. Scrutchings, soloist: Charlotte Wade, director: Derrick L. Harper
"I Want To Be Ready," writer: Walter Scrutchings, soloist: LaVetta Smith, director: Derrick L. Harper
"Lord, Thank You So Much," writer/director: Raymond W. Hinton, soloist: LaVetta Smith
There are three reprises on the recording: "God Is Still Blessing Me," "Lord, Thank You So Much," and "God Is Able."
Brother Hinton is seeking God for another level of praise in his music ministry. He is looking for that break through and claiming the victory! To the supporters of the Voices: "Keep praying for us." "We Love You All!"

"God Is Still Blessing Me"

God is still blessing me
God is still blessing me
No matter what the need
He's been a friend indeed
God is still blessing me

- When I look back over my life, I can see where He's brought me from, through many dangers, toils and snares - I have already come - He's done so much for me - I've just got to tell it all -

O' God is still blessing me

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