A word about our Founder, Mr. Raymond W. Hinton

Mr. Raymond W. Hinton serves as the Director of Music for the Zion Temple Baptist Church of Akron, OH. He is also the Program Administrator for the Akron City Family Mass Choir, under its founder and president, Brother Walter E.L. Scrutchings.

In Mr. Hinton's music ministry, Brother Walter E.L. Scrutchings is highly credited as being an instrument to his talent. There are several clinicians whom Raymond is very fond of -- Naming a few: Rev. Andre S. Woods, Detroit, MI; Minister Edward L. Davie, Detroit, MI; Mr. Jimmy (J.D.) Dowell, Detroit, MI; the Renown Ester Smith, Inkster, MI; and Min. Rudolph Stanfield, Detroit, MI.

If Mr. Hinton had to identify his favorite singers, then he would choose John P. Kee, the Renown Ester Smith and the late Rev. James Moore.

Mr. Hinton is grateful to God for his gift to write songs of inspiration. His inspiration in writing comes when he feels burdened and feels the burdens of his associates. He then begins to ask God for a message to share with them to help ease the burden. To his credits, Mr. Hinton has composed and arranged several songs.