Following is but a few of the songs written by Mr. Raymond W. Hinton:

  1. The Lord Has Kept Me (Recorded by: Elvin Dent - United Voices, Augusta, GA)
  2. Lord Keep Me In Your Care
  3. I'm Trusting In You Lord (Recorded by: Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry)
  4. Make A Way For Me Lord (Recorded by: A.V.O.P.M.)
  5. I Can't Stop Praising God (Rev. A. Wright & Friends)
  6. Standing Here In Need Of A Blessing/Bless Me Lord (Recorded by The Akron City Family Mass Choir)
  7. We Shall See The Lord (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  8. Standing On Jesus Word (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  9. Keep On Trusting In Jesus -- Hinton/Scrutchings (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  10. Just Try Jesus For Yourself -- Hinton/Scrutchings
  11. Call On Him, He'll Be There (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  12. God Will Send A Comforter In The Time Of Storm
  13. Worthy For Jesus -- Hinton/Scrutchings (Abram Wright & Friends)
  14. Lift Up The Christ In Your Life -- Hinton/Scrutchings
  15. God Can Fix It For You (Recorded by: A.V.O.P.M.)
  16. Lord Thank You So Much (Recorded by: A.V.O.P.M.)
  17. God Will Answer Prayer For You (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  18. God Is Still Blessing Me (Recorded by: A.V.O.P.M.)
  19. Jesus Saves (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  20. The Joy He Brings (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  21. You're Worthy Of All The Praise (Elvin Dent - United Voices - Augusta, GA)
  22. I Can Always Trust In God (Recorded by: the A.C.F.M.C.)
  23. God Said He Would Do It (Just For You)
  24. Lifting Me By His Grace (Recorded by: A.V.O.P.M.)
  25. I Won't Turn Back (Recorded by: A.V.O.P.M.)
  26. I See God Doing Great Things In Me (Recorded by: A.V.O.P.M.)