The Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry

The dream of the Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry was given to Raymond W. Hinton in the late 1980's in the city of Akron, Ohio. Through prayer and complete trust in the Lord, the Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry began their song ministry in the Akron area. Though each member of the group was very active in his or her home church, they joined Mr. Hinton in the continued pursuit of trying to reach lost souls and tell of God's goodness.

The song ministry of the Ensemble began to reach the surrounding cities near Akron such as Cleveland, Canton, and Youngstown. Under God's direction, the group began to take their ministry into nursing homes and hospitals to let the sick and shut-in know Jesus saves and loves them. Always willing to uplift the Lord's name anywhere and attest to the goodness of God, the group began to accept invitations to be special guests at numerous community functions, fairs, neighborhood outings, city events and family reunions.

The Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry's Ministry began to extend to other parts of the nation. They had the privilege to praise God in Augusta, Ga; Meridian, MS; Detroit, MI; Dayton, OH; Columbus, OH; Charleston, WV and the Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta, GA where the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the pastor. The group was blessed to render a song in 1992 with Walter Hawkins in Detroit, MI as the special guests of Pastor Andre S. Woods. The Ensemble performed at the 2002 Gospel Music Workshop of America which was held in Detroit, MI.

Realizing that singing is an important part of the church's outreach program to let the world know about our Savior, Jesus Christ, Mr. Hinton emphasized the fact that Christians must constantly study the Word of God to have an effective song ministry. Through weekly Bible study sessions, each member was well-armed to tell of God's promises and the plan of salvation.

Due to God's continuous Grace and Mercy, the Voices of Praise was able to record their first recording: "God Can Fix It For You", title song composed by Raymond W. Hinton. Their second recording: "God Is Still Blessing Me", was released in 2001 under the Scrutchings label, Bro. Walter E.L. Scrutchings - Producer. The Ministry recorded their 3rd CD, "I Won't Turn Back," live on April 12, 2003 at the Zion Temple Baptist Church, Rev. Mark (Tony) Ward, Pastor. The Ministry's latest recording was also recorded live on April 19, 2014 at the Zion Temple Baptist Church. The project, which is entitled "I'm Coming Out of My Storm," will be released soon.

The Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry's 30th Anniversary Celebration, "Still Standing - 1985-2015," will be held on April 18 - 19, 2015. This momentous occasion represents 30 years of progressive music ministry and steadfast rendering of Godís wondrous works through song.

Presently the Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry is comprised of (15) talented and anointed singers and musicians. Brother Hinton and the Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry pray daily that the Lord will continue to keep "Us" in His care as we travel to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother Hinton and The Anointed Voices of Praise Ministry is blessed to be "Guided" under the Spiritual advisement of Mother Gail Carter.